Urbex Redux

Stairway to Heaven

eccup image 1
 Stairway to Heaven is a culvert which drains the water from 2 streams around the eastern end of Eccup reservoir and into a stream below the reservoir embankment.
The 2 inlets merge after a short distance underground.

The eastern inlet is here;
eccup image 2

and the western inlet is here;
eccup image 3

The culvert eventually reaches the outfall and cascades down a staircase of 142 steps.
eccup image 4

 The easiest way to get into the culvert, at present, is to climb the staircase and enter the culvert at the outfall. This entrance is gated, but was unlocked at the time of my visit. It may be locked after the construction work finishes, but there are other ways in.

 Initially, the passage is about five feet high and 4 feet wide. Notice the construction, it seems to have been built as an open channel and had the roof added later. The new roof continues all way along the culvert and is poor quality, compared to the earlier brick work.
eccup image 5

After a short distance in, a 3 feet diameter passage enters from the right.
eccup image 6

eccup image 7

This passage leads to the surface after a very short distance and can be used as an alternative entrance, if the outfall gate is ever locked.
eccup image 8

eccup image 9

eccup image 10

After the side passage, the main passage gets slightly smaller to 4 feet high and remains at this height.
eccup image 11

The passage continues, with some gentle curves.
eccup image 12

There are several square gaps in the roof, leading to locked manhole covers.
eccup image 13

eccup image 14

A couple have steel ladders.
eccup image 15

eccup image 16

They look like this, on the surface.
eccup image 17

eccup image 18

The next feature is the junction where the passage divides into 2 branches.
eccup image 19

The left branch leads to the east inlet.
eccup image 20

The right branch leads to the west inlet. It is silted to over 6 inches in places and not very pleasant.
eccup image 21

It is possible to squeeze under the inlet gates, if you don't mind getting wet.
I preferred to go back to the outfall.

The Extras

2 extra features are worth mentioning.

The North culvert

 A short section of new culvert runs under the northern end of the road across the embankment.
This section looks promising, but is so short that it can be done without a light.
eccup image 22

eccup image 23

eccup image 24

eccup image 25

The water from this outfall runs diagonally across the embankment to join the outfall from the main culvert.
eccup image 26

eccup image 27

The embankment tunnel

There is a gated tunnel entrance at the bottom of the embankment.
eccup image 28

Daylight can be seen in the tunnel. It comes from a vertical shaft, with grill, about a third of the way up the embankment.
eccup image 29

The lid is now locked, but it was open.
eccup image 30

At the bottom of the shaft, a passage leads in one direction to the bottom of the embankment.
eccup image 31

The other direction is bricked up. I would like to know where this leads to.
eccup image 32