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Polo Tower

 The remains of the Polo Tower is one of the few remaining signs of the amusement park at Morecambe. It was a ride which consisted of a doughnut shaped viewing platform which rose up tubular tower and rotated. It was moved to Morecambe from Blackpool Pleasure Beach and opened in 1995. It was sponsored by Polo and painted in the style of a tube of Polo mints. It's height is a matter of debate. some sources say it is 170 feet high, or 168 feet. Other sources say it is 156 feet.

 When the park closed in 2000, all the rides, with the exception of the Polo Tower, were eventually removed. The tower was adapted to be a mobile phone mast, until the agreement with the phone company ended in 2013. In July 2008, Scaffolding went up after the local council ordered the owners (Morrisons supermarket) to tidy up the tower which was now looking shabby. This gave me the chance of a solo visit to the top of the tower over the August Bank Holiday weekend

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The viewing platform was being dismantled and only the tubular frame remained at this stage.
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There were too many people about to do an ascent in daylight, so I did a late night climb.
Taking photographs was difficult through the green protective plastic mesh.
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On the way up.
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It seems I wasn't the first visitor
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The view from the top.
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Looking towards the Midland Hotel (above the roundabout)
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The stone jetty shows as an horizontal line of lights.
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Looking towards the fleshpots of Lancaster
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Things on the top of the tower
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